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Before COVID-19 shelter-in-place, our group met every week in Mountain View to increase the Democratic voter turnout by, for example, writing letters and postcards to register and turn out Democratic voters in preparation for 2020 elections in key states like AZ, CO, GA, FL, NC, OH, PA, TX, WI and others, to voters of color who may have been purged from the voter rolls, as well as specific candidate campaigns for US Senate, state legislatures, and others. We are now continuing to work remotely and virtually. Our group has written over 255,000 letters and postcards so far, including over 64,000 for GA runoff races in January 2021. We've also phone & text banked.

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ItsBlueTurn weekly virtual meeting to do voter reachout, update on the news, share ideas, and chat.

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Who am I? I'm just a regular person, like you! I'm worried about the future of the country and feel the responsibility to show to my boys that I'm not just an indifferent observer, to teach them civic duty. Currently a homeschooling teacher and education software developer, previously startup-building jack-of-all-trades with classical liberal arts education, math & computer science, artificial intelligence, and MBA background. I was born in the Soviet Union and came to the US as a refugee.

What organization are you part of? I belong to, participate in, and subscribe to multiple groups: Sister District, Indivisible, Swing Left, Flip the West, Reclaim Our Vote, and others that are working to protect democracy in this country. I research and pull those activities for our group that I consider the best return for the effort or important: currently, try to win back the US Senate.